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one on encouragement


compassion, I get
and that’s close
to encouragement – it’s hard
to balance between
noticing good
and nagging for better
it’s in the tone
in the heart
in feeling out
the heart of another

how can i pour courage in?
how can i call courage out?
how can i help courage grow?

i know you can do it
you are so brave
so smart
so kind
so perservering
you did that well
i’m proud of you
i’ll be right here
how can i help?
i knew you could do it


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One on How I Take It

not every day
not any more
since I endured
an aching head
letting habit go
because my tiny
daughter grew inside

not black alone
not any more
cream and sugar
sitting listening across
from new friends
an old one
someone needing time

not for speed
not anymore now
instead slowing down
to listen better
to really hear
for contemplation’s sake
taking it slow


(photo credit: Erin Blinn Photography (c)2013)

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One on Diving

Starting Blocks

I was a swimmer
Diving only from the blocks
Never the high dive

Which turned the water
An illusion
That might not break your fall

I was a swimmer
Who won by finishing
Without touching the lane line

Persistently, quickly
Churning out laps
Fly, back, breast, free

A tiny girl then
Before puberty conspired
To give me curves

Interfering with my aerodynamics
Slowing me down

I was a teammate
Walking the length of the pool
Shouting encouragement loud

Before puberty conspired
To make me self-conscious
Afraid of what people might think

I have relearned fearlessness
In encouragement
Shouting loud celebration

Of hard work
Of effort
Of overcoming obstacles

But I never regained
My speed off the blocks
Though I can still swim far

And I still won’t
Dive off the high dive
But I will jump

Cheering them on

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One for 2013

one word for 2013
wherein I have – to start
too many things
taking up too much
precious time
and attention
that could otherwise
belong to my tiny girl
or her big brother
or her daddy, my love
where can we live
with less
what takes up
too much space
in my house
in my mind
in my heart
how can I reduce
slow down
where can I be
more intentional


hold on
only to what matters
set free
the things that do not
things least of all
people most of all
carefully allocated


so in the end
we have
just enough
and no more


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