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Here is how I see him
First – maybe three years old
Red shorts and a striped shirt
Big boy coming to knock on
My sleepover door, calling me to the car

Second – memories out of order
Just a little younger
Red swim trunks and yellow swim cap
Holding in earplugs protecting his tubes
Goggles complete his protective gear
With the giant yellow floats

I taught him how to ride his bike
The year before he turned 4
Loosening the training wheels
So we could kick them up
And ride without, defying maternal decree
No helmets then, no knee pads
I ran fast behind him in the culdesac
For just a few hot Florida afternoons
And then proudly behind him
Down the straightaway of Pinesong Drive
That is how I see him – strong, capable
And three years old

Fearless, tiny manchild
First of so many brothers
I remember how we fought to sit beside
His smiling baby self
Three would-be-mama sisters
Jealous of his grey eyed gaze

I cannot imagine how it is possible
That they let him fly airplanes now
Not paper ones, but the real thing
In far away countries
Where people have guns to shoot at him
I cannot imagine how it is possible
That he somehow became a man
Old enough to choose the right girl
To ask her to be his wife
(She will this year, smart beautiful girl)

I cannot imagine those things
Because he is always somehow like this
In my memory
Always soft brown hair
And chubby cheeks
And overalls

*recent photo copyright Erin Blinn Photography. Thou shalt not steal.


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