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91. A good round of interviews
92. Playdoh after dinner
93. Glass of red wine
94. Getting the cookbooks organized
95. Another bread recipe working (with some improv skills!)

96. Strawberry cake with real whipped cream
97. Charlotte’s Web (1972 Hanna Barbera version)
98. A husband who notices the resemblance between Charlotte’s Web drawings and Scooby Doo
99. Flowers on the zucchini and squash plants!
100. Professional Storytellers
101. Mead on tap
102. Toes dipped in the ocean
103. iBooks (so far The Wilder Life, The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, Committed, Chicken and Egg, and Bossypants)
104. Flowers from my sweet husband

105. Watching my favorite old Disney movie together

106. Hand and Foot with the inlaws
107. and Cranium
108. All day barbeque and Strawberry Pie
109. Facetime with everyone at the parents on Memorial Day
110. Plane ticket to Chicago for Emily’s wedding


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She is the first person who made me a big sister
A role I accepted reluctantly at first
But one that defines me now
Perhaps more than any other
That was her first gift to me
Although neither of us knew it then

We were as different as sisters could be
Her blond hair and blue eyes
In contrast to my brown ones
Her tomboy self always running outside
Leaving me quietly in a corner with a book

And we did battle all through childhood
And into our awkward teenage years
Sharing friends without yet becoming friends
Foils for each others distinct identities:
That was another gift

And when we finally grew up
We found that we were not so different after all
Learning to value our family bonds
Enhancing them with intentional friendship
Sharing the load of big family responsibility

On her thirty-second birthday
I am struck by her beauty and her independence
By her intelligence and her insight
She encourages and inspires and loves so well
And I am so grateful for the gift she is

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71. Loyal, authentic friends
72. Baby green tomatoes
73. Planning the next trip home
74. Planning for visitors here
75. Menu planning together
76. Finding a nail salon that is reasonably priced, clean, neat and friendly
77. OPI: I’m Not Really a Waitress
78. Church text from Ben: some things never change
79. Oldies but goodies from the worship team
80. Manual Transmissions
81. Windows down driving: late spring warmth and wind
82. Mowed grass smell (even if it’s mostly weeds)
83. 20 minute catch-up call with Zeke
84. Sisterly pride in good planning and hard work
85. Virgil’s Rootbeer: very cold
86. Getting carded by beer, cashier announcing I have “drunk deep from the fountain of youth”
87. Cashier delighted at my name and pronouncing me adorable
88. Garth Brooks on the radio
89. Tiny new hummingbird on the window feeder
90. Successful turtle road rescue operation

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When I think about dreams come true
You are the very first thing that comes to my mind
The way your eyes meet mine and hold a moment
Sometimes laughing
Sometimes serious
Sometimes searching out what the heck I am talking about
The way your hand finds mine and our fingers interlace
Sometimes walking along a street
Sometimes sitting on the couch
Sometimes in the middle of the night
Like you’re checking I’m still there
The way you give me the benefit of the doubt
Sometimes when I deserve it
Sometimes when I clearly don’t
Sometimes isn’t even the right word
Because it’s every time
You see the best in me
You are the very first thing that comes to mind
When I think about dreams coming true

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66. Married one month, more in love every day

67. Special dinner: lobster and filet mignon on fancy new grill
68. Baby tomatoes making an appearance
69. Baby birds everywhere: brown, smallish cardinals and soft fuzzy canada geese
70. Barely making a deadline – but making it after all

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61. The first firefly of spring
62. Flowers on the tomato plant
63. Basil double its size in about a week
64. Parenting as a team, working together at being creative
65. Brothers posting on Facebook, personalities coming through from afar

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56. Friendly faces and laughter at a lunchtime interview
57. New grill, broken in
58. Joyful little boy shout when Daddy appears after work
59. Sweet, umbrella-holding husband as I turn chicken on the grill
60. Cayenne pepper keeping the squirrels at bay

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