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I remember a lot of words my Nana Blinn said to me

Words like “remarkable”

And “wonderful”

While she fed me grocery store danishes

At her round table

In her breakfast nook

While we watched Regis and Kathy Lee

(She was not impressed with Kathy Lee)

I remember her condo in Cincinnati

With its white walls

And beautiful trinkets

Everything always sparkling clean

I remember her condo in Naples

With its cross ocean breeze

And its pastel paintings of children picking up shells

She made sure we minded our manners

As she served us cheese and crackers

And cokes over ice fizzing and clinking against glasses

She didn’t like t-shirts with slogans

She said a person should say what they believe

Somewhere other than on their clothing

She told us it was just as we easy

To fall in love

With a rich man as a poor man

We were pretty sure she wasn’t kidding

And she loved us

Her wonderful, remarkable grandchildren

And she loved our Pops Blinn

She made sure we remembered him

“Your Pops Blinn would have loved this”

She said or

“Your Pops Blinn would have laughed at that”

She never failed to remind me

How wonderful and remarkable he thought I was

His oldest grandchild

The only one he ever got to meet

And now she is gone too

And so we will have to remember

And we will tell the ones

Too young to have known her

Before she was fading away

“Your Nana Blinn would have loved this” or

“Your Nana Blinn would have laughed at that”

We will make sure they know

That they are wonderful

They are remarkable

Just like she was

She is part of them

Part of me

And we will remember


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