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you see his eyes start to droop
so you drop your voice to a monotone
gentle, soothing, lulling
making the words rhythm and rhyme
rock in time with your body’s slow sway

when his eyes shut, you know
the moment has come
for pajamas and a toothbrush
quietly putting the pieces in place
to move slowly toward laying him down

key number one: don’t use the words
“going to bed” – just “come sit by me”
“let’s read another story”
and then again, slowly let your voice drift
lower and quieter, rocking in time

key number two: don’t move too fast
when his eyes close again
let your words wash over him like warmth
only gradually moving away
(it takes so much longer than it feels like it should)

key number three: keep talking
as you slip off the bed
keep letting the words softly continue
almost chanting, read the last page again
and a third time, as you slip out the door


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