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One for Ellie

you were kind of a secret at first

one i loved sharing with your mama

as we went through workdays together

plowing through baby-lawyer land

and then when you weren’t a secret anymore

i loved to talk to you

right there inside her

every day in my office

loudly and straight to her expanding belly

i’d remind you we were so excited to meet you

and as you grew bigger

sometimes you’d dance around in there

and we would marvel at your existence

and the day you were born

when your mama kept insisting

she couldn’t be in labor

because she hadn’t finished

drafting her motion

i couldn’t believe how adamantly

you insisted on this day

being your birthday

and how quickly you managed your arrival

and then you were there

just a few hours later

so tiny and not quite warm enough on your own

and it was so hard to wait to hold you

but you were perfect and beautiful and full of life

and watching you grow up

the spitting image of your mama

(one of my favorite people on the planet)

is one of the greatest privileges of friendship with her

so today, you are four

and too soon you will be fourteen

but we will push that idea aside

and celebrate the wonder of you

everything a little girl should be

your amazing curly hair

your sparkling brown eyes

your constant commentary on the world around you

your strong sense of what you want

your contagious laughter

and how very much we love you

not just your mama and your daddy

but my entire family

and i have to admit, it’s a little bit more

important to me than it should be

that you were mine first

because we were friends, Ellie-est girl in the world

even before you were born

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