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wednesday prayer

he can’t wait
to learn more
about who You are
who You are now
not just who You were then
(and You are the same)
You still speak
You still heal
You still draw men to Yourself

and I hear the hunger
in his voice
for more words about You
You, who set the stars in the sky
You, who knows every hair on his head
You, who loves him more than I do
for more words You spoke
to Your friends, to the authorities
to the people along Your path

today, though, he is sick
and far away from me
but not far away from You
would You wrap Your arms around him?
would You shower down your mercy and Love?
would You reach out Your hand that heals?
my prayer, like the centurion’s

You, the great healer
You, the embodiment of Love
You, the Way
You, the Truth
You, the Life
You, You, You
You are exactly what he needs
would You hold him close today?
would You come in power and heal him?
You still have only to say the word

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