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finally, september

just words
letters tumbling out of keyboards
for a what seemed an eternity
words were enough
to start to pull us together
to reform an old bond
while wounds healed
stories were told
insights were shared
and then a voice
over the distance
only the phone
and it took just a few minutes
to find the same rhythm
to recognize the person
the friend
the one
behind those words
and now
the far bigger transition
flesh and bones
more than words
and there will be a moment
maybe even a few minutes
when it doesn’t feel the same
while our hearts catch up
with what our brains tell them
to realize it’s really you
your voice
your words
your self
standing there
live and in person
but our hearts will catch up
just like they did before
words will still flow
we will know
we will understand
the time is right


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Come and see

You saw Nathanael
Under that fig tree
So long ago
When his friend Phillip came to say
He’d found the One

You knew his doubt
Was not disbelieving cynicism
There was no deceit in him
When he said
Can anything good
Come out of Nazareth

And Phillip so wisely
Didn’t argue
He let You speak for Yourself
He simply said
Come and see
And that was enough

Because Nathanael’s innate curiosity
Would overcome his caution
And when You saw him
Walking toward You
You let him know
You knew his heart
You knew his honesty
You knew who he was

And even when You affirmed those things
His caution persevered
He questioned how You knew
And You told him the truth
You saw him under the fig tree
Was he praying?
Was he dreaming?
Was he hoping for more?
And that truth
Specifically for him

Exactly what he needed at the time
Set him free from all skepticism
And his heart recognized Yours
And You promised to show him
More than simply truth
Glory and an open heaven

And that is so like You
Taking small pieces
And revealing big truths
Letting us know
You see us before we see You
You know us before we recognize You
And when we say to our friends
Come and see
You show up
You call their names
You win their hearts
Just like you did in the very beginning

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You are exactly
Who you claimed to be
Who you always have been
The Word become Flesh
Moving into the neighborhood
Into the mess
Into the chaos

You are exactly
Who you claim to be
Who you have always been
Love that gave everything
All consuming
Relentlessly pursuing
Everything defining
Exactly what we need

You are exactly
Who you claim to be
Who you have always been
Light extinguishing darkness
Opening closed doors
Making all things new
Calling our names

You are exactly
Who you claim to be
Who you have always been
Revealing yourself in words
Stories written long ago
About the Word that became Flesh
And came to live among us

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